What We Do


  • Clean & Renewable Energy Tech
  • Conceptual Architectural Renderings
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Plans & Permit Plans
  • Construction Inspection & Management
  • Design-Build Project Delivery System
  • Energy Audits
  • Green Roof (GR) Design
  • LEED Certification
  • Post-Construction
  • Product Development
  • Regenerative & Sustainable Design
  • Smart-Blue-Green-Solar Roof Design
  • Solar-Integrated GR (GRIPV) Design

What We Do

We solve building, energy, and environmental problems in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector. Our operations consist of engineering, construction services, and commissioning. The focus of our engineering design is on saving energy and improving occupant comfort.

We also do retro-commissioning, but most buildings require more extensive renovations, like gutting and putting in new systems. We design buildings with unique architectural features and advanced MEPF systems that consume less energy. BAS systems monitor energy use and are usually in buildings built after 2000.

How We Do It

We use computer-aided engineering software, technical writing, and advanced research methods (statistics) as tools to make the owner’s exciting vision a reality. We collaborate with builders, manufacturers, developers, owners, architects, and other design professionals. The goal is to establish positive long-lasting relationships by building rapport, likability, and communicating effectively and quickly with our clients throughout our engagement. The money we make corresponds to the value we offer. When we are both clear on the value, we start negotiating a project fee. We provide free quotes and understand that if you choose to hire us, we need a basis of agreement before we negotiate the deliverables, deadline, and price. If the offer is accepted the parties have a services agreement.

This is not sufficient to create legal obligations but is the basis of a contract. Either party can supply the contract and after we both agree on the inclusions, exclusions, and terms and conditions, the contract can be signed.

We charge either hourly or a lump sum fee percentage. We have flexible payment terms, especially if it’s critical to have the funds for materials, labor, payroll, or you feel it’s too risky, particularly if this is the start of our working relationship. We get paid when accounting departments issue checks bi-weekly or monthly.

We deliver signed and sealed drawings that comply with code and satisfy the local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). We handle all county planning permissions and approvals.

Why We Do It

We see every project as an opportunity to have positive, life-changing interactions that result in a stellar building design, often with many green architecture features.

We incorporate green roofs (GRs), which is part of our mission to create a beautiful, healthy community. As an early adopter, you can be proud to have a roof with aesthetic appeal, increased biodiversity, less stormwater runoff, and urban food production.

Solar panels must be added to all new California homes starting on January 1st, 2021. California also has provisions to encourage homeowners to move away from natural gas-burning appliances by phasing in electric ovens and electric water heaters. Biosolar roofs incorporate vegetation around solar panels, which keeps the panels cooler and their efficiency higher.


  • Board of Professional Engineers
  • LEED rating system
  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Green Business Certification Inc.
  • Dun & Bradstreet & SAM