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Green Roof Design, HVAC Design & Plumbing Design

Our HVAC designs are energy efficient, reliable, and long-lasting. Choose between ducted central air or ductless and wall-mounted mini-split/split/direct expansion (DX)/packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC).

Our innovative plumbing designs offer environmentally responsible stormwater management. Add serenity to your stunning home with a lagoon pool, majestic waterfall, garden roof, rooftop farm, or biosolar.


We use AutoCAD to design domestic HVAC and plumbing systems for single and multi-family homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). We ensure energy conservation, aesthetics, and harmony with neighboring buildings and environment.


We use Revit to design HVAC and plumbing systems based on the building application and intended use. Our load calculations and equipment selection process ensure an optimized system.

Green Roof

A green roof is a special kind of roof made of plants and soil on top of it. It can also be called a garden roof, a living roof, or an eco roof.


We have a variety of plants that are good for the environment and make your place look beautiful. Our plants include low-growing plants, sedums, flowers that attract pollinators and come in various colors, herbs for cooking or medicinal purposes, grasses that don't have woody stems, farms on rooftops, plants that are resistant to fires, and modern beehives.


Vegetation, Growing Medium, Filter, Drainage, Water + Nutrient Reservoirs, Tough Protection Mat, Root Barrier, Waterproofing Membrane, Insulation, Structural Support. Note: the Drainage and Water + Nutrient Reservoirs layers are typically separate.


Grow your own healthy food through urban agriculture, add to your building's beauty with green spaces, manage stormwater, and reduce noise and air pollution. Improve your roof's lifespan by 3X and reduce indoor temperatures by up to 18°F, reducing cooling needs by 25% and heat loss by 26%. And you even increase the efficiency of your solar panels by 15%.


Different green roofs have different depths of soil and support different types of vegetation. Intensive green roofs can support many kinds of plants and trees and cost $40-$100 per square foot. Semi-intensive green roofs support fewer types of plants and cost $25-$40 per sf. Extensive green roofs can only support small plants like grass and flowers and cost $10-$25 per sf. Annual maintenance costs are $0.75-$1.50 per sf.