Licensed Engineering Firm with a Green Agenda

We pledge to complete your building project on time and budget by offering quality designs and construction management services. We coordinate with contractors and county planning to get design permission and approval. Our most recent endeavor is incorporating green roofs (GR), solar-integrated GR (GRIPV), or smart-blue-green-solar roofs for highly advanced stormwater management on projects around our San Diego area. From inception and sealed drawings to construction and maintenance, our team handles all design, permitting, installation, and maintenance requirements for your turnkey green roof system. Combining solar with a green roof is an excellent idea, as the two function in symbiosis. Bio-solar roofs allow us to expand renewable energy use and efficiency and is part of our mission to create a more beautiful community and healthier world. As early adopters you can feel proud to have a roof with aesthetic emotive appeal, increased biodiversity, less storm water runoff, and urban food production to eat healthier food. We would be grateful to collaborate with you on any upcoming project.