An Engineering Firm with a Green Agenda

Customers are so much more than just another project. We see every project as an opportunity to have positive, potentially life-changing interactions while creating a building design that exceeds your expectations. We have the vision to expand our design-build green roof services globally.

WCE solves building, energy, and environmental problems in the AEC sector. Our operations consist of engineering, construction services, and commissioning (some retro-commissioning, but most buildings require more extensive renovations, like gutting and putting in new systems). Our engineering design (conceptual, construction documents, and post-construction) focuses on two areas: saving energy and occupant comfort.

We design buildings with unique architectural features and advanced MEPF systems (including BAS systems, which most buildings built after the 2000s include) that consume less energy. WCE provides the option to deliver signed and sealed (stamped) drawings for the relevant state and local jurisdiction (including handling all county planning permissions and approvals). We ensure you have the blueprints to make your dream building a reality.

Solar energy is growing, and we are pleased to see that new California homes must have solar panels at the beginning of 2021. California also has provisions to encourage homeowners to move away from natural gas-burning appliances by phasing in electric ovens and electric water heaters.