Meet Our Team

Brian White, PE, MSME


Founder of WC Engineering, Brian has 10 years of experience in building engineering and enjoys solving important building and environmental problems. He is known as the grass on the roof guy and an engineer with a green agenda. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and fell in love with renewable energy and architecture. His qualifications include his professional engineering licenses in California and Florida and LEED BD+C accreditation. His mission is to expand affordable yet luxurious buildings that consume less energy with a hedonistic sustainability nature. Buildings that provide a comfortable and serene environment for occupants and stand out as aesthetic architecture.

Christine Thuring, PHD

Collaborative Ecologist

Christine has 20 years of experience in working with green roofs and other forms of ecological green infrastructure. She is a collaborative ecologist and dual citizen (Swiss-Canadian). In 2005, Christine earned one of the first master’s degrees from the Penn State Green Roof Research Centre. As co-founder of Green Roof Safari, she led study tours of green roofs and living walls in Germany and Switzerland. She has designed and built green roofs and habitat gardens in North America, Europe and the UK. More recently, her doctoral research gave unprecedented insights into the ecological development of extensive green roofs more than 20-30 years after installation. Her current research examines the habitat template approach for coastal BC. Christine has been a contributing editor at Greenroofs.com since 2004 and regularly contributes to The Nature of Cities.

Brendan Shea

Construction Manager

Brendan is an accredited Green Roof Professional with two decades of project management and design-build experience in the construction industry. As co-founder and former director of field operations at Recover Green Roofs, he has overseen more than 100 green roof and rooftop amenity spaces through design, estimating, construction, and long-term maintenance.