Cooling Load Calcs

Determined the HVAC cooling load and ventilation rate needed for a building in Jacksonville, FL.

Bridge Design

Designed a 30'x18' vehicular bridge for a private owner in Woodbine Woods in Prince William County, VA.

MEP Field Investigation

Site visit to the American Fruits & Flavors manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA. Took photos and created a dimensioned floor plan detailing the type, specs, and location of existing MEP equipment and fixtures.

Reno Drawings

House reno plans approved for Intown Restorations in Washington DC by addressing the DCRA's (Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) review comments. Updated drawing sheets, added specs, and filled in the Energy Verification Sheet.


Developed, designed, and prototyped this revolutionary floor mop. The prototype was 3D-printed (3DP) by Xometry with nylon plastic.