Design Everest

For an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) located in Menlo Park, CA, our team developed and certified the mechanical and plumbing drawings to ensure compliance with building codes and standards.

RTM Engineering Consultants

Our team performed an on-site inspection of the American Fruits & Flavors manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California, to evaluate its MEP systems. Based on our findings, we developed a comprehensive floor plan that outlined the specifics of all existing MEP equipment and fixtures, including their type and location.

Intown Restorations

Our team produced a comprehensive drawing set to facilitate a home renovation project in Washington DC. To ensure compliance with regulations, we collaborated with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and incorporated their feedback. Additionally, we submitted an Energy Verification Sheet to verify energy efficiency.

Wolverine Contracting

Our team created design plans for a custom vehicular bridge measuring 30 feet by 18 feet to meet the specific needs of a private property owner located in Manassas, Virginia.


Our team innovated a groundbreaking floor mop that was meticulously designed and prototyped. To ensure precision and quality, we expertly 3D-modeled (including advanced surface modeling techniques) and crafted the prototype using nylon via 3D printing services provided by Xometry.

Elegant Cafe

Our team calculated the necessary cooling load and ventilation rate for a casino located in Jacksonville, Florida, to optimize its HVAC system and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

HVAC Aptitude Test