Home Indoor Pool Design

Designed an indoor pool for a residential property in La Jolla, CA, collaborating with 4×4 Construction.

Home HVAC Design

Developed the mechanical HVAC design for Island Architects’ residential project in Poway, CA.

ADU M&P Design

Developed the mechanical HVAC and plumbing design for Design Everests’ ADU project in Menlo Park, CA.

Green Roof Design

Completed a green roof design project for a commercial building in Washington D.C.

Bridge Design

Collaborated on the design of a bridge (30 ft x 18 ft) for a private property in Manassas, VA with Wolverine Contracting.

Floor Mop

Developed a 3-D model of the GoMop floor mop, which was prototyped by Xometry using strong nylon material.

Cooling Load Calcs

Completed cooling load calculations for Elegant Cafe, an electronic casino in Jacksonville, FL.


Completed an HVAC Engineer Aptitude Exam.

Electrical Calcs

Completed residential electrical load calculations for Design Everest.