Elegant Cafe

Determined the HVAC cooling load and ventilation rate needed for a casino in Jacksonville, Florida.

Wolverine Contracting

Designed a 30'x18' vehicular bridge for a private owner in Manassas, Virgina.

RTM Engineering Consultants

MEP field visit to the American Fruits & Flavors manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California. Created floor plan detailing the type, specs, and location of existing MEP equipment and fixtures.

Intown Restorations

Created a drawing set for a home renovation in Washington DC. Addressed review comments from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Completed Energy Verification Sheet.


Designed and prototyped a revolutionary floor mop. The proto was 3D-printed by Xometry with nylon.

Design Everest

Created and sealed mechanical and plumbing plans for an ADU in Menlo Park, CA. Addressed review comments.