Elegant Café Casino
The site investigation gathered construction and equipment data. This data, along with charts and tables, was used in hand calculations to determine the cooling load and ventilation rate required. This room load summary report was based on the anticipated worst-case conditions: the equipment at full-load, full occupancy, the hottest day of the year, and the time of day having the most solar heat gain.


Product Design (CAD), Development & Manufacturing (Prototyping & DFM)
GO-Mop is a floor mop that is patented and manufactured out of recycled ocean plastic.

Mop Squeezer Mop Handle Video

Vehicular Bridge Design (30’X18′)
This is a private owner bridge design for Woodbine Woods in Prince William County VA.


Graeber’s Residence for Intown Restorations in DC
This project introduced many solutions: addressing review comments and redlines for DCRA approved house renovation drawings; updated electrical, civil, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and specification sheets. An Energy Verification Sheet (EVS) was completed and the natural gas pressure loss through pipes was calculated.

RTM Engineering Consultants Field Investigation at American Fruits & Flavors
This site visit determined the location of the existing mechanical and plumbing equipment and fixtures, along with the equipment specifications. The scope of work was the design for new plumbing. We provided photos inside and outside the building, sketches, and notes.